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Rubberized Yarns and Cords

Recycled cotton yarns and cords coated with wild rubber. It can be produced in different thicknesses and in a variety of colors.

Handmade by local women in the community of Pedra Branca in the State of Para.

It is our contemporary rubber!

This rubber can be industrially mixed with other natural rubber or synthetic rubber. It can be used for shoes. soles, toys, school and hospital materials, gloves, transport gadgets and appliances, tires, and any kind of product using natural rubber.

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Yarns: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 5mm x 200m

Cords: 10mm x 200m


Vanilla, Yellow, Mustard,  Kakhi, Orange, Jatobá (Dark Orange), Red, Tomato, Burgundy, Cappuccino, Cobalt Blue, Teal, DSky Blue, Brazilian Green, Grass, Grey, and Black

Lead time: 

Immediately from stock.

Wholesale: about 30 days


Stock: From 10m

Wholesale: From 500m (100m for each colour/specification)

There are aspects of the material such as thickness, colour tones, consistency, smoothness and other characteristics that can vary from production to production.

* It varies depending on the country to be delivered to and its customs.

** May vary due to weather conditions.

Full Black Bracelet using rubberized yarns
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Colorful Bracelet designed with rubberized cords
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Braids for accessories details
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