Events around the Globe 

We have plenty of good content to share. During all these years, we collected not just great stories to tell, but also experiences. We participated in many courses, workshops, lectures and interviews about our practices in the field and sustainable solutions to explore in the fashion market. Browse around and discover nice topics about eco-solutions, sustainability, the routine of working with rainforest communities and more.

Materials Matter Webinar Series

May 05 • Lecture to Central Saint Martins 

University of the Arts (CSM/UAL Libraries)

Materials Matter Webinar Series:

The Amazon Rainforest Alive in Fashion  

The seventh chapter in a series of webinars and workshops hosted by UAL Library Services Materials and Products Collections.

Textile Tuesday Series

June 1st • Monthly Webinar hosted by Tara James from

Nurturing the Amazon rainforest

through sustainable materials

Twice a month invites a sustainable textile vendor to present their materials, fibres, processes, and sustainability initiatives.