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The search for products that can substitute conventional plastic led to the creation of oxybiodegradable plastic, also known as OBP.

The material contains an antioxidant and a pro-oxidant additive in its formulation. These ingredients act as an accelerator of its degradation process.

The material has a biodegradability capacity, and it can be consumed by microorganisms present on the soil and, thus, transformed, basically, in carbon and water.

This way, instead of 400 years, the degradation process takes about 18 months!

The additives used in the process are derived from coconut oil, giving the perfect biodegradability.

All the discarded materials generate - CO2 + H2O + Humus.

This incredible material creates a variety of products.

Packaging and items 100% recyclable like:

Shopping bags for manufacturers
Biodegradable wrapping packaging
Straws and cups and much more! 

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