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Our holistic approach embraces social transformation and environmental conservation

Through the use of sustainable materials in fashion and product design, we support local producers whose economic activities are integrated with the sustainable use of natural resources. 


From making a living out of wild rubber production, residents protect large areas of the native Amazon rainforest. Local populations exert political influence over preserved natural areas. Supporting the rainforest micro-economies means avoiding deforestation, mining, and cattle ranching. It also means engaging with knowledge about local fauna and flora.

In a sentence, it is to act in pro of the Amazon rainforest and the whole planet.​

Photos by David Parry


The TEA, FDL, FSA, and MBS are new materials of social innovation in the Amazon rainforest. They are opportunities for better income generation by local communities within an eco-friendly system of crafting rubber. The production influences the inclusion of women and young adults in the chain, feeding the sustainability cycle.

Photos by David Parry

With the demand for materials produced in the forest and our professional training with the riverside populations, AMADEU has positively impacted more than 1000 people in Pará and Acre.

wild-rubber-producer 1.jpg


local communities 



Tree 2.JPG


hectares of preserved


Wild Rubber-56.jpg


production leftovers destined for reuse

Photos by David Parry

IIn the next two years, with the company's expansion project, our goal is to triple our impact, increasing the number of beneficiary extractive families and expanding the preserved areas. In addition, with the help of the subsidiary, the company will create between 5 and 8 new jobs.


Watch the video about the FSA (Folha Semi-Artefato) process production in the Amazon rainforest. It features the artisan and rubber tapper José Rodrigo de Araújo’s story and shows the social transformation and positive impact of this production. Amongst many projects led by our CEO Flavia Amadeu, in this one she worked to help him improve and implement a sustainable FSA process and adapt his artisanal shoes to commercialization, reaching national and international markets. Today, José and his family are true entrepreneurs of the rainforest. 

Voices is a mini-documentary series of Bottletop in collaboration with filmmaker Andrew Morgan, the director of The True Cost. It is all about the UN's 17 Global Goals. Each film tells the everyday stories of extraordinary people tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the planet.


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