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EVEGAM, popularly known as “vegetal leather”, is a cotton fabric coated with wild rubber sustainably extracted from the Amazon Rainforest.


The laminated finish is available in smooth and embossed textures, such as animal and basketry textures. It is handmade by local communities combining traditional and innovative techniques.


This leather alternative is great for backpacks, bags, belts and other products usually made with leather.


Process: Rubber tappers collect the milky sap (latex) from wild rubber trees which grow deep in the Amazon rainforest, in a smoke-free process. The producers mix the latex with non-toxic pigments and a vulcanising mix to laminate the textiles.


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STOCK AVAILABILITY: handmade last pieces

Evegam - Croco

€140.00 Regular Price
€84.00Sale Price
  • Our Amazonian Wax is the perfect moisturiser and protector for your Wild Rubber product. It was developed as a natural cosmetics of honey wax and Amazonian oils. Spread it with a soft sponge or with your hands. A small Amazonian Wax tin is a gift from us that goes with your purchase. 

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