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AMADEU becomes a B Corporation

Photo of the Amazon rainforest and part of a river reflecting the sky. Over it the white logos of Certified B Corporation on the left and AMADEU on the right.

We are proud to announce that AMADEU - Amazonia . Materials . Design United is officially certified as a B Corp.

B Corps (or B Corporations) are a growing group of companies that, through their purpose and using their growth and profits, change realities for the better, contributing to society by transforming the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and the planet.

The certification process is one of the most demanding and rigorous. It not only evaluates the brand’s social and environmental impact and governance but commits us to keep high standards up for the long haul.

To get certified, companies have to go through the B Corp Impacts Assessment (BIA) and are scored based on their performances in key areas, providing full transparency to both stakeholders and consumers. Having received a score of 93.8 out of 100, we are delighted that our B Corp certification officially underlines AMADEU's commitment to delivering profit with purpose.

Fashion biomaterials and the bioeconomy

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, responsible for more than 20% of the planet's water pollution and 10% of carbon dioxide emissions. In search of renewal, big brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and Chanel have already announced that by 2030 they will no longer consume materials derived from animals in the production of fashion and are looking for more sustainable alternatives for synthetics. On the other hand, the devastation of the Amazon forest has already reached 17% of its entire native area, whose bioproducts are underutilised, and its bioeconomy has the potential of USD 153,220 billion according to BNDES (2021).

“For us, sustainability is a holistic process, from the origin of the materials to the consumer and end of product life”, says our CEO, Flavia Amadeu. “Design for sustainability is about humanity and its connection to nature.”

A woman dressed in black, wears a green and blue wild rubber necklace. She is on the right looking up at the coloured rubber samples hanging on the clothesline. It's a sunny day with trees and leaves in the background.
Flavia Amadeu, CEO and Creative Director, checks the production of the biomaterial FSA, a coloured wild rubber.

Our latex-derived biomaterials are the result of years of research and innovative processes. Our expertise applied to social technology projects values ​​local traditions and cultures, promoting contemporary design. Leaving the world better off doesn’t stop with creating sustainable materials. The happiness and health of our communities are foundational to our mission.

At AMADEU, we support rubber tappers, local producers and artisans whose economic activities integrate with the sustainable use of natural resources.

Based on the three pillars of sustainability - social, environmental and economic - we nurture the preservation of Brazilian biodiversity, especially in the Amazon region, while training and generating jobs and income for local communities. We encourage women to occupy leadership positions in the company and the production chains.

Collaboration is key to making a difference

Becoming a B Corp is a massive step, and we couldn’t have done it without the continuous exchange and incredible feedback and support from our community - our customers, partners, artisans and local producers. B Corp certified is not about achieving a positioning, but being in the right direction, constantly evolving.

photo montage showing collaborations and partnerships: woman producing wild rubber, man hanging wild rubber on a clothesline, wild rubber being extracted from the tree trunk, a stage with 4 people sitting talking and one projected on the screen above them, and 5 people posing for a photo smiling.
One of AMADEU's values ​​is CONNECTION - with nature, with communities, in relationships, with the local and global. Connecting the Amazon with the world. Collaborations play a role in leveraging collective genius.

We welcome the opportunity, and the challenge, of leading the way for others in our industry, particularly in the work with natural rubber and wild rubber and their creative applications, to inspire greater change.

If you work in the Fashion and Design industries and want to make a difference in the world through the sustainable design of your brand or projects, please get in touch. By using sustainable biomaterials with socially and environmentally responsible practices - including energy efficiency, waste and water use management, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency- you are helping to speed up a positive change very much needed.


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