Sustainable and innovative solutions for fashion and design industries


AMADEU - Amazonian Materials & Design United facilitates customers' transition to a more sustainable and circular approach to business through our sustainable materials and services, bringing complete solutions in one place.

The Amazon rainforest is at the heart of our actions, where wild rubber trees grow and give rise to different materials and resources. 

Our materials, produced in an ethical way from traditional practices related to environmental conservation, also bring income generation and social transformation to rainforest local communities.


Photo: David Parry


We enable access to international companies to a wide range of materials from the Amazon rainforest and other parts of Brazil for Fashion and Design industries, such as wild rubber and fibres produced sustainably by local communities. Our collection includes vegan leather alternatives, organic textiles and other biodegradable or recycled materials.

Our Services

We collaborate with your company to design unique and sustainable materials or products with a holistic approach throughout the process. From the production chain, sourcing, and project development, to final products, the end-consumer and back to nature, aiming to drive a positive impact.


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