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Climate Change at São Paulo Fashion Week N56 2023

On the 11th November, Forca Studio brought attention to climate change in their impactful fashion show at São Paulo Fashion Week, incorporating several of our latex biomaterials, including wild rubber sourced from the Amazon rainforest. We firmly believe that fashion can be sustainable, and latex presents numerous opportunities to usher in a new era in the world of fashion. We take great pride in witnessing FORCA's expressive commitment to this cause.


Visit São Paulo Fashion Week's website BY ANDRE DO VAL NOVEMBER 11, 2023

The heat experienced in São Paulo during this N56 edition confirms the theme of Forca Studio's runway show: Heatweave, addressing environmental catastrophes. "We had to pause the narrative we had built over the past two seasons to highlight our distress about global environmental crises. We are living in an unprecedented moment, and we feel that fashion must give voice to this and become part of this inevitable change," comments designer and DJ Silvio De Marchi, who co-created the collection with Vivi Rivaben.

The focus on craftsmanship, eco-friendly products, and innovation in the textile industry signals their commitment to the only possible future. Examples include manually developed rubber fabric by artisan tribes in the Amazon, more malleable and transparent, with lower environmental impact, connecting artisan communities in the Northern region, used as an alternative to leather. Other materials in the collection include linen, nylon, and denim.

Photo: Ze Takahashi @agfotosite

There are also pieces created from recycled tire chambers and a natural latex biomaterial, a vegan alternative to plastic in fashion. Actors Sérgio Guizé, Zion Fontana, and Nicolas Ahnert walked the runway in this edition. The menswear features oversized silhouettes, while womenswear incorporates many cutouts, all in tones such as olive, caramel, brown, neon yellow, and purple, alongside classic black, white, and gray.

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